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What makes up the Minimum Income Standard?

See what members of the public think is needed to live and participate in today's society

The Minimum Income Standard (MIS) is set by members of the public and ratified by experts. The income needed for a couple with 2 children aged 3 and 7 is £685 per week.

This level of income allows people to join in with everyday activities that are taken for granted, like buying a birthday present or having a winter coat.

Use the tool below to explore the items that make up the Minimum Income Standard.

Couple with 2 children: £* per week

*as decided by members of the public


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Our Calculations

Groups specify which items should be in MIS and how long they last. Items are then costed by the research team. The costs shown are worked out on a weekly basis (where the number of weeks in a year = 365/7 = 52.1). Here are two examples:

  • Two-seater sofa. Total cost £389 from DFS. Lifetime 8 years (417 weeks). Weekly cost £389/417 weeks = 93p per week
  • Four egg cups. Total cost £1 from Wilkinson. Lifetime 15 years (782 weeks). Weekly cost £1/782 weeks = less than 1p per week